Transforma x Heartnoize: Kabeaushé & more

04–07—2024 TÁBOR

In collaboration with the Heartnoize collective, Transforma presents the music programme for the opening day of the Transforma 24 festival.
The energy of rave, the catchiness of pop and an unstoppable pulsating rhythm. Kabeaushé made his debut last year with an eclectic mix of genres from hip hop to glitchy electronica, and on July 4 he comes to the Czech Republic for the first time.
Kabochi Gitau aka Kabeaushé moved from Kenya to Uganda for the recording of his first album The Coming of Gaze, where he was influenced by local label Nyege Nyege and its experimental-electronic offshoot to create music for crowded dance floors that echo trap beats and funk melodies. Last year’s second release, HOLD ON TO DEER LIFE, THERE’S A BLACK BOY BEHIND YOU! (Monkeytown Records), added new genre experiments, vocal positions and, most importantly, an immersive atmosphere that Kabochi says is only complete during a concert bordering on performance or joyous celebration.

As part of Thursday’s opening night of the Transforma festival, organized this year in collaboration with the Heartnoize collective, Kebaushé will perform in the industrial space of the Křižíkova elektrárna, along with other artists whose names will be announced in due course.
During the opening evening of Transforma, the power plant will also host the opening of the exhibition “Reject Modernity, Embrace Tradition – Reject Tradition, Embrace Modernity”, which aims to address the phenomenon of traditions and their (de)construction, all within the specific situation of the South Bohemian town of Tábor.
The event will quite possibly be one of the last in the current historical form of the interior of this industrial monument. Thanks to the winning design by the OK-Plan architectural studio, it will be converted into a multifunctional centre in the coming years. This will happen after many decades of dilapidation. The programme will also include a presentation of specific visions for the Křižík power station building by representatives of the city.


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