Shida Shahabi

13–04—2024 ATRIUM ŽIŽKOV

The concert wing of the Žižkov Atrium will be rocked by Shida Shahabi’s contemporary take on classical and ambient music.

Minimalist compositions, which, however, do not lack depth and elegant work with acoustic and electronic instruments. This is the music of Swedish-Iranian composer and pianist Shida Shahabi. She has been invited by legend PJ Harvey for his upcoming monumental evening in London, along with Tirzah and Big Thief. Visitors will hear exactly what it is about the composer that appeals to them on 13 April at the Atrium Žižkov Cultural Centre, where Heartnoize is bringing her to celebrate its 40th anniversary.

Shida Shahabi grew up to the sounds of classical and 1970s Persian pop, but she was most influenced by her parents’ love of music in general. While studying at the Stockholm Art Institute, she began to pursue her favourite discipline full-time, both as a performer and as a composer of soundtracks for film and theatre. Her 2018 debut album captured the warmth and comfort of home in gentle piano compositions. Living Circle (2023), released on the Fat Cat label, moves closer to electronica than the first record, echoing refined melodies, drawn-out drones and blurred vocals. It offers an experience that is both rational and purely emotional.


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