23–11—2024 ARCHA+

Dreaming on the dance floor

What would a day look like where you’re not sure if you even woke up in the morning? That’s what producer Sega Bodega explores on his new album Dennis, which returns to Prague on 23 November after a sold-out show at Fuchs2, this time to the ARCHA+ space. Crumbled club beats and introspective themes are also present on his third studio record. Although he shifts even more to the dancefloor compared to his previous work, he retains his ability to sensitively observe and talk about the unusual and the most ordinary things.

Pre-sale kicks off on Friday 26 April at 4pm, when Dennis’ album is also released.
Sega Bodega aka Salvador Navarrete has built a reputation as one of the most innovative electronic producers on the scene over the years. His second album Romeo in 2021 introduced an unmistakable style that can be heard on his solo recordings and collaborations with artists such as Björk, Caroline Polachek, Rosalía, Shygirl and Eartheater. The co-founder of the Nuxxe label takes things a step further again with his new record, Dennis, playing with the sound of an eight-bit alarm clock, ethereal vocals and Mediterranean guitar rhythms. At other times, as on Deer Teeth, he takes inspiration from the 7,000-year-old Mesolithic burial of a woman and her child who died in childbirth in Vedbæk, Denmark, with 200 deer teeth found by their side. The trance-like feel of the track turns towards the future, but also recalls something more primal as Dennis delves deeper and deeper into an all-encompassing sleep in the second half of the record.

Pre-sale kicks off on Friday 26 April at 4pm, when Dennis is also released.


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