13–10—2023 Fuchs2

Nyege Nyege Night

Nyege Nyege Night:

Afrorack + Aunty Rayzor + Catu Diosis + DJ Tobzy + Top Klas

All the fresh talents from the Ugandan electronic scene under one roof in Prague. Heartnoize Promotion present Nyege Nyege Night, a showcase of the most interesting stuff recently released under the pioneering Kampala label. Nyege Nyege has been instrumental in building the African music scene and spreading local underground production and local genres around the world. 

On October 13, artists Afrorack, Aunty Razor, Catu Diosis, DJ Tobzy and Top Klas will play at Prague’s Fuchs2 club for the first time ever. The musicians who are blazing a trail through the world of contemporary dance music and shaping future sound trends will take part in festivals such as Unsound, Le Guess Who? or CTM will also be presented to the Czech audience.

Afrorack built the first DIY modular synthesizer in Africa and has been experimenting with it for the last two years in live sets and in the studio. The combination of hypnotic African rhythms, techo and acid house is the result of the art of musical and technical improvisation.

Aunty Rayzor is a rapper who can’t be stopped by hard hip hop beats, afrohouse or afrobeat. A musician seasoned in freestyle battles, she combines hard-hitting flow with a compelling cadence of rap verses, and has played to packed audiences in Nigeria.

Catu Diosis plays with the intermingling of global music and Afrocentric beats in her music, moving from Kampala to Sao Paulo with ease in one track. The producer and DJ has already played at Germany’s CTM and Poland’s Unsound.

DJ Tobzy has taken a liking to the new sound of the so-called freebeat or cruis, which is now dominated by Nigeria’s TikTok. The twenty-one year old DJ mixes together genres such as gqom, amapiano, techno or baile funk and creates a virtuoso set full of adrenaline without any pretensions of creating a coherent whole.

Top Klas is a pioneer and one of the main promoters of the Denerry Segment genre, a faster hybrid of the Angolan Kuduro genre. On the dancefloor, he transforms the dancefloor into a sweaty Caribbean carnival.



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