07–08—2024 BIKE JESUS

A stormy ode to the joy of life. Finally Model/Actriz is coming to the Czech Republic 💃/🎬

“I want this life,” the frontman of Model/Actriz repeats almost in a whisper on the lead single “Mosquito” by the Brooklyn band, who debuted last year with Dogsbody. “We want to be a live band, not one that doesn’t give a shit about anything,” Cole Haden continues in interviews, and Model/Actriz’s confrontational yet intimate shows prove that the American foursome is serious about their dedication to music.

On August 7, they will head to the Czech Republic for the first time, specifically to Prague’s Bike_Jesus club.
Model/Actriz’s work draws on the repetitiveness and physicality of electronic music, which it deconstructs and reassembles with guitar and bass into the resulting noise-rock. Industrial sounds meet lyrics exploring human desire and physicality, as well as the urban environment and life within it.

Dogsbody is set in an urban landscape punctuated by the elevated railway and its omnipresent rumble, which Model/Actriz have imprinted on their debut album. Dogsbody plays with the duality of nature as an entity that is both ordinary and overwhelming. At other times, it follows singer Haden on his endless wanderings through Grinder and indulges in musings on the search for closeness and pure physical pleasure.

The pain and joy of life is then concentrated in the live performances of the band, who have been playing together since 2016 – Haden goes public during these performances, declaring the intense emotions present in the music to the listener’s face.


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