Lip Critic

17–09—2024 BIKE_JESUS

From classic punk to postmodern pop for a future without genres. New York band Lip Critic play samplers, two drums and of course vocals – their unconventional instrumentation allows them to create music from hardcore to wild noise structures.

The project of Bret Kaser, Connor Kleitz, Daniel Eberle and Ilan Natter will head to the Czech Republic for the first time on 17 September, at the Prague club Bike_Jesus. Their live performances contrast with the hyper-stylized production of their albums, focusing on improvisation and experimentation.

Lip Critic formed in New York City in 2018, but their first full-length record this year, Hex Dealer, caused the biggest stir. On it, the American band plays with a variety of musical techniques and themes, with the album’s lyrics often focusing on the body and the ways in which our inner workings connect with external objects to resolve the hardships of the soul. Each track handles a wide range of emotions that are not lacking in strong dance energy.

“Hex Dealer” is a concept album about predatory preachers and similar types of people who resort to the tactics of door-to-door salesmen to fulfill their desire to control others. In this world, everything is a means to gain power, a facade to hide the true depravity of these characters. They dull their emptiness with excessive consumption; whether it’s brand new jeans in the track It’s the Magic, trips to the butcher shop in Bork Pelly, or folding the perfect sandwich at the gas station in the track In the Wawa,” Pitchfork reviews the record.


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