07–11—2022 PUNCTUM


Jednota presents:

The debut Crease by Canadian musician Vicky Mettler, who works as Kee Avil, is one of this year’s more pleasant surprises. Released on the famous Constellation label (Godspeed You! Black Emperor, Colin Stetson, etc.), the record hits the unexplored corners between pop and experiment in a rather unique way. On one side stand catchy vocal motifs and beats loosely inspired by post-punk, on the other side bustles, noises and distorted guitar melodies.

What’s remarkable is how seamlessly the two blend: on the one hand Kee Avil plays songs, on the other one can almost always dive beneath the surface and enjoy the sound, as the supporting melodies of voice and instruments – whispered vocals, subtle guitar strumming, austere electronic pulses – always simultaneously recede into the background and let a sonic environment emerge.

This is, quite logically, both vaguely intimate and dehumanizing and intimidating. So where to place Kee Avil? Recall Jenna Hval’s solo beginnings, when she was interested in sound alongside concept, or the more song-like forms of no wave – DNA and Art Lindsay. Kee Avil will present an audiovisual performance on Monday, November 7, in Prague’s Punctum.

“The further these dark songs seep into your ears, the more unforgettable Crease becomes.” – Bandcamp Daily

“If you’re a fan of the more experimental edges of PJ Harvey, Bjork and Grouper, you’re gonna love this.”- Mary Ann Hobbs, BBC Radio 6

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