07–12 08 2023 ŠAFAŘÍKOVY SADY, Plzeň

INspiral garden:
Amelie siba, floodlights + others

Heartnoize Promotion is thrilled to be part of the line-up planning for Inspiral Garden 2023, a vibrant 6-day cultural extravaganza set in the heart of Pilsen. Transforming the city centre into an urban oasis, Inspiral Garden is more than just a music festival. Alongside a phenomenal line-up of artists from the progressive and alternative music scenes, the festival also incorporates a range of other cultural experiences including the MINT Fashion Market, stimulating discussions with Radio Wave, and an ethnically diverse food festival, Babylon on the Plate.

Our collaboration with Inspiral Garden sees us curating an evening of dynamic, raw, and intimate performances, headlined by the honest indie rock sounds of Australia’s Floodlights. This promising act, already making waves on the Australian music scene and internationally, will be joined by a range of talented artists including Amelie Siba, KAMP! (PL), Ventolin, DVA, and more.

Respecting the environment and bringing a fresh cultural dimension to Pilsen, Inspiral Garden is all about fostering international connections, championing progressive and alternative music, and breaking down cultural barriers. It’s about community, discovery, and the joy of live music. Heartnoize Promotion couldn’t be more excited to be a part of this remarkable event that not only enlivens public spaces, but also fuels the creative spirit of everyone in attendance. 

And it’s free to enter.


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