26–10—2022 UNDERDOGS'


The British post-rock band I Like Trains released their latest album KOMPROMAT last August, and they will also present it at the Prague club Underdogs ’, where they will perform on October 26th from 20:00.

From setting to music the most peculiar, bleak stories in human history, I Like Trains has come to realize that humanity lies farther in the face of environmental and technological factors far greater than ourselves.

“A strong return at the right moment,” is the story of the British band from Leeds, Under The Radar, as described. The fourth line of Kompromat, released last year and produced by Jamie Lockhart, known for his collaboration with the New Model Army, has rightly received positive reviews from several leading media.

Musically, the distinctive work of I Like Train still stands between post-punk, new wave and goth-rock, but it is also permeated with purely pop lines and, most importantly, never kept up with groove and strangely depressing energy.

I Like Trains stood outside the mainstream of Leeds, even at a time when the local scene was rampant in the zero years. They were too rude, bleak, and unyielding to accept the ideals that critics and peers imposed on them. They never chose the path of escapism, but their plates were dominated by confrontations of fear, which others chose to ignore rather than face the inevitable impact of reality.


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