8–10—2023 UNDERDOGS'

+ kill alters​

Dreamcrusher and their dense noise will perform for the first time in Prague together with Kill Alters!

Rolling waves of sound that you feel all over your body and intense experiences that are abstract yet painfully concrete. On November 11th, at the Prague club Underdogs’, the American artists Dreamcrusher, who have been creating music shaped by the search for the boundaries of self-expression on the borders of dense noise, hardcore, post-punk and IDM for a decade, will present themselves to the Czech audience for the first time.

The question of identity – queer, non-binary and African American – is a driving force behind Dreamcrusher’s work. Political and deeply personal issues meet in monolithic noise blocks that convey emotional experiences through their rawness. Dreamcrusher released a new EP Suite Two this year, having been featured on last year’s Le Guess Who? and this year they are going to Berlin’s Atonal. Their show, bordering on performance, aims to connect directly with the audience, provoking and drawing them into heightened emotions.

Playing alongside Dreamcrusher will be New York-based trio Kill Alters, who with their hyperactive vocals and atmospheric tracks with a crossover into industrial and hip hop, captivated audiences and music critics alike with last year’s Armed To The Teeth L.M.O.M.M.


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