8–11—2021 UNDERDOGS'

Black Country,
New Road

Heartnoize Promotion & Landmine Alert presents:

“I think Black Country, New Road are the best band in the world right now.”

John Doran (The Quietus)

A band circle (Black Midi, Squid) around the London club Brixton Windmill and the publishing house Speedy Wunderground brings another young colossus, a seven-member band Black Country, New Road.

The influences originating from the Cambridge group include their favourites Shellac and Oxbow – but also post-punk and klezmer. Publicists classify them (due to their genre eclecticism and constantly evolving compositional inclusion) as the current New Weird Britain scene. With only two singles released so far, Sunglasses and Athen’sFrance, and intense concerts, Black Country, New Road have toured several festivals with high attendance.

“This group is “post-” everything; they deconstruct hype and trends, mocking their success and pretending that nothing in the world is worth the attention,” writes the Full Moon Magazine. Black Country, New Road mix almost metal riffs with frenetic jazz beats, noir string motifs rushing into an urgent present with a rhythm section as sharp as a razor. 

In the lyrics, the frontman, Isaac Wood, reflects the life of a recently teenage band and their peers with many pop cultural references. One of the most promising bands in the British underground is performing in the Prague club Underdogs’ on November 8th, 2021, with their debut album First Released on the Ninja Tune label. They will be preceded by Simon Goff, a British violinist and Grammy-winning multi-instrumentalist. 

Science Fair: https://youtu.be/gXay__MuoGw

Sunglasses: youtu.be/UAZhzi9cpkc

live: youtu.be/bIP62_0htow


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