Bendik Giske + Marta de Pascalis

10–04—2024 ARCHA+

Saxophone as an instrument of physical and emotional experience. Musician Bendik Giske will come to ARCHA+ space, accompanied by Marta de Pascalis
On 10 April, the Norwegian musician Bendik Giske’s saxophone will make the ARCHA+ space ring with the immersive visual show of the artist Theresa Baumgartner. The evening will be opened by an equally prominent name in new music – synth experimenter Marta De Pascalis. Repetitive melodies and precise sound design form the main line in the work of both Giske and Pascalis, which each artist elaborates in the context of a different musical instrument.

With last year’s eponymous album, Bendik Giske has reached an imaginary career peak – immersive patterns and rhythms free of unnecessary elements open up his inner, carefully constructed world to the listener. British musician Beatrice Dillon co-produced the record, sharing Giske’s spare musical expression and approach to sound. Last year’s record takes on a new dimension in Giske’s live performance, which emphasises the use of the concert environment and its acoustic possibilities, supported by Theresa Baumgartner’s visual accompaniment based on her work with lights and depth of space. “Giske operates with the mentality of a conceptual artist, equipped with the intellectual tools of queer theory and dance creations from the Berlin techno scene,” reviews the work of the Norwegian saxophonist The Quietus.

Using analogue synthesizers and tapes, Marta De Pascalis creates free-flowing musical collages that shift between calm tones and thunderous passages. For the first time ever in Prague, the Berlin-based Italian musician will present tracks from last year’s Sky Flesh album, which she created entirely on a legendary Yamaha CS-60 analogue synthesizer.


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