03–11—2022 UNDERDOGS'

BEN frost
+ yawn

Jednota presents:

An Australian musician based in Iceland – a formula that has mysteriously worked for years and is not infrequently the first attraction to Ben Frost’s work. But origin and current address don’t matter; from the cool magic of his breakthrough album By the Throat, Frost has moved on to collaborations with filmmakers, dancers and theatre artists – it all began in 2011, when he and Daniel Bjarnason were approached by the Unsound festival with a commission to accompany the film classic Solaris. His theatrical adaptation of Iain Banks’ The Wasp Factory had a comparable impact and power.

Frost’s scope is similarly geographically expansive, having carried out his artistic projects in the Democratic Republic of Congo (with photographer Richard Moss), Libya and Syria. His current album remains The Centre Cannot Hold (2017), as Frost has spent the last few years working on the soundtrack for the successful Netflix-produced series Dark. This spring, his contemporary opera The Murder of Halit Yozgat premiered in Hanover, and in the meantime, Frost has also become a tribal collaborator with the legendary Swans, or your dreams can come true if you include a song called We Love You by Michael Gira on your record.

Frost returns to Prague five years after his thrilling performance at the Lunchmeat festival, this time choosing the basement of the Underdogs’ club in Smíchov as the backdrop – or rather, the backdrop of the majestic sound system he has reserved for his current tour.

Opening the evening will be Norwegian trio Yawn – “a massive affair, a synth-laced inferno where Matrix and Meshuggah meet,” wrote The Obelisk about Materialsm’s debut. In a particularly lush fusion of jazz and extreme guitar genres, they lay their doors open to frenzy and compositional inventiveness, and not only in this respect will they be an ideal match alongside Ben Frost.

Jednota this time: ][, Cáry mlhy, Heartnoize, Letmo, Naše Koncerty
The event is supported by the Ministry of Culture of the Czech Republic.


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