Ávéčko: Seaslugs

20–06—2024 KINO AERO

An audiovisual experience on the border of performative ritual, abstract experiment and concert. A sonic ceremony composed of the intertwining sounds of the majestic tamtam, magical cups, underwater gurgling, the rustling of clarinet, violin and flutes, screeching toys, shells and distant siren songs. The performance of Esther, Klara and Tereza invites us to immerse ourselves in the currents of feelings flowing in the dark depths of our subconscious. In pools beyond time and space, in the heart of the here and now.

The spaces of the Aero cinema will resonate with the vibrations of magical underwater worlds, combining multi-channel sound, lighting design and scenography.
Listeners are invited into a meditative world that tunes their senses in a warm embrace.

In collaboration with lighting designer Eliška Kociánová (Lunchmeat) and set designer Lenka Bondorová, Seaslugs will offer a unique audiovisual experience.
Ester Grohová, Klára Ondračková, Tereza Chudáčková
Set design.
Lightning design.
Adam Bláha, Klára Ondračková
Seaslugs is a trio of artists who met during their studies at FAMU. They share a love for sounds of all kinds and together they search for hidden harmonies in the immediate environment or in different types of instruments and other objects.
The moment we embrace the here and now, the moment we surrender to the beauty of sound that surrounds us, we are free. We can be anyone and anything at the same time.


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