20–04—2024 PŘÍTOMNOST

Dancing between Arab and European traditions. Avéčko presents the AV show of Deena Abdelwahed and her new album Jbal Rrsas.

Heavy beats, sultry atmosphere and the expectation of something big to come. Producer Deena Abdelwahed’s Jbal Rrsas album starts off slow like a fully loaded freight train and continues towards the varied soundscapes of traditional genres of Egypt or Tunisia, blending them with ease with the rhythm of European raves. Deena Abdelwahed returns to Prague after a two-year break from her DJ set at the Agnes Convent, this time with a live performance and a new album, for which she has also created an audiovisual show that reacts in real time to musical stimuli. As part of the Ávéčko series organised in collaboration with Theremin and Heartnoize, Abdelwahed will perform in the functionalist space of the Presence cinema on Saturday 20 April 2024.

Deena Abdelwahed will be accompanied on stage by multi-instrumentalist Khli Epi and Swedish artist Niculin Barandun, who will take care of the visual component of the concert.


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