31–07—2023 Reduta - Velký sál, LFŠ, Uherské Hradiště

Ávéčko: Ambient Horror Live - Freddy Ruppert AV show

Do you ever feel anxious about what you have in your life that you could lose? American musician and artist Freddy Ruppert has materialised his fears and anxieties in a new audiovisual project, The Inner Room, in which he uses music and atmospheric footage from neon synthetic horror and giallo films of the 1980s to create an oppressive yet captivating environment. The concert audio-visual show will offer a unique experience mixing the sounds of modular synths and field recordings with a collage of whorora clips that show not the violence, but what precedes it.
Ambient horror, clips from Italian films and the horror that lurks just around the corner. After a hiatus of many years, Freddy Ruppert returns with The Inner Room (out Fall 2023 on Stoned to Death Records), a project that expands on his love of Italian giallo films and slashers of the 70s and 80s. But more than blood and monsters, he’s interested in suspense and a thick atmosphere of anticipation – those moments when we know something is going to happen, but we don’t know what yet. The American, Czech Republic-based artist creates a fictional soundtrack inspired by the work of Moss Side Story by legendary film composer Barry Adamson, but also by films by Italian horror master Lucio Fulci or his American colleague John Carpenter.

After the synthpop-oriented Former Ghost project or the ambient Hangs and Shadow and the more song-oriented Dove Hounds, Freddy Ruppert returns to synths, field recordings and experiments with electronic music. “I wanted to play around with the concept of a collage-like soundtrack that sounds like it was recorded from television,” Ruppert explains. “I’m now obsessed with exploring 80s horror films and how they can be reinterpreted.” The show’s visuals focus on close-ups of faces and their expressions, especially what’s hidden in plain sight, or moments of seemingly quiet timelessness. Its tonality and mood complement the musical component.

Ruppert’s performance will also be the first show under the banner of the new Ávéčko project. An experienced team consisting of Heartnoize Promotion and Theremin is behind the unique combination of sound and visual art, which brings new audience and listener experiences to Czech cinemas. The audio-visual performances combining bold music and current visual trends will move to other venues after their premiere at LFS with new repertoire.


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