21–04—2022 FUCHS2


The world of experimental pop, internet culture and the queer scene is as alive as ever. One of the most original artists to emerge from this  background in the last few years is Dorian Electra (they/them). 
In the self-directed hyperstylized videos, they visually portray their bold protestsongs addressing social and queer politics. The anthemic pop, bathed in the pathos of baroque music and the energy of heavy metal or electronic hardcore, appealed to pop visionary Charli XCX and Pussy Riot, with whom Dorian Electra collaborated. 
An anonymous user with the nickname Pipe wrote about the debut album Flamboyant: “Damn it. These are non-stop bangers. ” 
Leading American commentator Anthony Fantano, for example, praised the more frenetic novelty of My Agenda: “A bold conceptual album in which the greatest sin for listeners is despair from its end.”
Among the names of co-producers of their tracks, which are often barely two minutes long, we find important people of the hyperpop scene such as Dylan Brady (100 gecs), d0llywood1, umru or Sega Bodega. Further example, Danny Brown, Alice Glass (ex-Crystal Castles) and ElyOtto have accepted invitations to the remix for the soon-to-be-released deluxe edition of My Agenda. Together with Dorian Electra’s confirmed participation on Lady Gaga’s new remix album, it only illustrates how much strength and how many fans and legends they have accumulated during their short career. 
Dorian Electra returns to Prague for their first headline show after an ecstatic concert in Roxy with Charli XCX on Thursday, April 21, 2022 in Prague’s Fuchs2. Don’t miss one of the most original, addictive and especially entertaining artists of tomorrow.


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