One of the most popular projects of the current darkwave will come to Prague. “The rich sound of drone synthesizers, which cover the whole spectrum from sweet, soft and vocally rich tones to the walls of music made of raw and rough noise,” says Boy Harsher.

The new album of the American duo and the soundtrack to the film The Runner will be heard in Prague on June 1st at the Archa Theater. The concert, organized by Fource Entertainment and Heartnoize Promotion, will present music full of dark dreamy melodies, minimalist arrangements and soundtracks balancing on the edge of pop and the underground club race.

The electronic duo HIDE will perform as support, combining field recordings with pop culture references in their work and creating minimalist and at the same time engaging tracks.

Boy Harsher’s fifth album, which comes six years after the first Yr Body Is Nothing album, is called The Runner (Original Soundrack). The debut film of the artistic couple, which complements their music, is in a way an extended music video. The camera follows a young woman who commits crimes on her way through the countryside. The upper atmosphere of the film is underlined by the music and the visual side of the work, from which enchanting images and neon lights emerge.

“It’s pop that tries hard not to be pop: soaked in sadness, like the best songs. With music that talks about one thing and with singing that tells another story, “he writes about the NME album. “The whole project shows how much Boy Harsher themselves grew up, how their sound and aesthetics in general developed,” says the New Noise server.

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Boy Harsher


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