15–05—2022 MEETFACTORY


Heartnoize Promotion presents:

Sonic scientists continue to confound,” reads the headline of the review of the new album Black Midi.

The London experimenters will arrive to Prague for the second time on May 15th. The concert, like the one organised by  Heartnoize Promotion two years ago, will take place at the MeetFactory instead of nearby club Underdogs. Black Midi will bring with them their second album Cavalcade in 2022, which (true to its name, referring to the ceremonial equestrian parade) brings a diverse mix of math-rock, jazz, post-punk and many other genres.

As well as the Mercury price-nominated debut Schlagenheim, it is combined into a lively and sophisticated wholesome unit.

This year’s album now appears across the charts of the best albums of the year at the forefront with nicknames such as bold, exceptional, magnificent or brilliant.
The band, signed to the cult London label Rough Trade, became a sensation before the release of the first album, and this May, with the release of Cavalcade, it only confirmed its extraordinary position in the “new weird” wave of British musicians.

“Black Midi on Cavalcade album mixes epic elements with absurd flights with admirable ease. Especially for lovers of Monty Python’s humor, this is a holy grail in this respect, “says František Formánek for A2 magazine.

But the magic of Black Midi does not only lie in the precise work in the studio, the natural energy of their concerts could also be tested by Czech fans.

“I have never seen or heard anything like this before,” Karel Buriánek wrote after the band’s domestic premiere. “The effort to mediate the experience reminds me of my friends from Brno, who, after returning from the Marco Ribot concert, decided not to tell anyone about it, because it wouldn’t make sense anyway.”


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