Lunchmeat feat. Heartnoize present Amnesia Scanner, Deena Abdelwahed, Evita Manji, Isama Zing, Kuba93 b2b Eva Porating DJ set


Lunchmeat Festival welcome Heartnoize to join forces on another edition of the AV live concerts in National Gallery Prague – Convent of St Agnes, presenting Amnesia Scanner in the immersive site-specific adaptation of the Tearless project made for the St. Salvator church, together with a joint curatorial selection of local and international acts.
Enter the Labyrinth. Another life. Want it. Going A.W.O.L. Find the Truth of Chaos, Faceless Spectacult Daemons, Trapped in the Chains of Unlinear noises. U will be fine. Powerless, Tearless, but Sane, and Rewild. Soon, Angels will Rig the Hook through the roof of the St. Agnes Convent.
๐™‡๐™„๐™‰๐™€ ๐™๐™‹
เน‘ Amnesia Scanner AV live
เน‘ Deena Abdelwahed DJ set
เน‘ Enchanted Lands & Wim AV live
เน‘ Evita Manji live
เน‘ GWD live
เน‘ Isama Zing live
เน‘ Kuba93 b2b Eva Porating DJ set
presale 550 czk, on the spot 650 czk
Artwork by Anymade Studio
Thanks for supporting us: Ministry of Culture Czech Republic, Prague 1, Budฤ›jovickรฝ Budvar, Beefeater CZ, Club Mate, Radio 1 & Full Moon Magazine.

#electronic, #experimental, #hiphop


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