AGENT: DAVID ČAJČÍK | david@heartnoize.cz



Kalle is Czech band formed in Tábor 2013. The band is composed of Veronika Buriánková (vocals, keys) and David Zeman (guitar, vocals, synths, drum programming). Their specific genre goes through slowcore, trip-hop, post-rock or alt. pop.
The first album ‘Live from the Room’ from 2014 resonated very well across Czech music scene and was highly ranked in many charts and nominated in various awards. The second album Saffron Hills was released at the end of 2017 and belogs to top rated Czech albums of that year. For Veronika and David it also meant 10 year anniversary of common music creation.
The band’s specifics are Veronika’s voice which is often compared to the names like Beth Gibbons, Björk or PJ Harvey, the band’s approach to the recording (analog recording at home conditions so far) and very intimate but intensive atmosphere of their albums and live performances. The band shared stage with such various artists like Daughter, Scott Kelly (Neurosis), Amen Ra, Scott Mc Cloud (Girls against Boys) etc.


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